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Sometimes You Are What You Can't Eat
Eating a slice of cake at a birthday party or going out for a scoop of ice cream seems like no big deal, but for some living with serious food allergies, sacrificing food is part of their everyday routine.

By Sabrina Katz, Insight, Houston Chronicle Classroom, Houston, TX - 3/4/13

Technological Growth Brings College-Roommate Search to the 21st Century
Picking a roommate is a very tricky business. Some lucky people go into their college knowing who they're rooming with because their best friend happened to want to go to the same school. But what is everyone else supposed to do?

By Megan Deppe, The Paw Print, Plainfield South High School, Plainfield, IL - 2/28/13

ABC: Easy as R-E-S-P-E-C-T
We want to be treated like adults, but some aren't willing to give the same respect back toward teachers. Nothing upsets me more than students disrespecting the very people that want to see them succeed.

By Gigi DeWeese, FHS Press, Freedom Area High School, Freedom, PA - 2/26/13

Fast Food Has Stolen the Health of America's Kids
If companies would stop targeting children and aim towards an older audience, then children would be less exposed to these junky foods and be more healthy.

By Brian Walker, Stagg Line, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Stockton, CA - 1/30/13

School Safety: Should Teachers Pack Heat?
As a school, we planned and executed an active-shooter drill on Jan. 17. Students were reminded of their third-period classroom 'safe zones' and were given instructions on how they should react. Some people, however, are advocating a stronger measure: arming teachers.

By Emilie Callahan and Chasity Kramer, The Brighton BARB, Brighton High School, Salt Lake City, UT - 1/28/13

Obama Administration Sets Immigration Deportation Record
Under the Obama administration last year was a record setting high for deportation numbers. The record was set at 409,849 deported immigrants, the majority of whom were convicted criminals.

By Kevin Davalos, The Knight Times, John I. Leonard High School, Lake Worth, FL - 1/25/13

Teens React to Barack Obama's Re-Election
Several Los Angeles teens were thrilled when Barack Obama won re-election against Republican Mitt Romney and they share their hopes for his second term.

By LA Youth Readers , LA Youth, , Los Angeles, CA - 1/24/13

Parents Cross Sportsmanship Line
Athletes know about sportsmanship. The coaches have taught their players about it since the moment they stepped on the field. However, parents often have to re-learn what it means to be a good spectator as they often attack coaches, players, and officials when things aren't going their team's way.

By Taylor Ruby, Panther Pride, Dakota Valley High School, North Sioux City, SD - 1/23/13

Gun Violence Has to Stop
Shootings feel so common to me that they don't scare or surprise me anymore. The fact that I expect one or two shootings a year is scary and that bothers me a lot.

By Susie Park, LA Youh, Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA - 1/18/13

E-Readers Have Pros and Cons; Paper Books Are Missed
E-books save paper and would be a good idea for school text books so students don't have to lug their reading materials back and forth to class each day, but I can't imagine having children grow up being read to from E-books.

By April Olinger , The Perspective, Plymouth High School, Canton, MI - 1/17/13

Giving Up on Low Income Professions
As a result of the economic crisis of 2008, many respectable career choices have taken a back seat in the minds of high school students. More and more seniors are looking to go into careers where the money would be guaranteed and an unstable economy won't damage their income and respectively, their lifestyle.

By Ahmed Abo-Donia, The Survey, Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn, NY - 1/17/13

What Class Rank Means - An Investigative Report
In certain cases class rank remains a useful tool for college admissions. Another argument in favor of class rank is the idea that having such a system motivates students to work harder.

By East Side Staff , East Side Newspaper, Williamsville East High School, East Amherst, NY - 1/15/13

Students' Online Rights: Cyberspace's Uncharted Territory
Between Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging, students have at their fingertips a host of new ways to express themselves and to voice their grievances. However, the success of these different media serves to call into question the issue of what rights students have online.

By Steve Helmeci, Pearl Youth News, , Plum Borough, PA - 1/7/13

The Media's Mixed Messages on Asperger's Syndrome, Mental Illness and the Conn. School Shootings
Too many of us are falling into this violence trap. We've become too desensitized to violence with all of this constant news droning on about rape, murder, stealing and beheadings. It is sickening even for a normal mind, now enter the mind of the shooter.

By Mahmood Thompson, VOX, The Voice of Atlanta Teens, , Atlanta, GA - 12/24/12

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