Sometimes You Are What You Can't Eat
Eating a slice of cake at a birthday party or going out for a scoop of ice cream seems like no big deal, but for some living with serious food allergies, sacrificing food is part of their everyday routine.

By Sabrina Katz, Insight, Houston Chronicle Classroom, Houston, TX - 3/4/13

Technological Growth Brings College-Roommate Search to the 21st Century
Picking a roommate is a very tricky business. Some lucky people go into their college knowing who they're rooming with because their best friend happened to want to go to the same school. But what is everyone else supposed to do?

By Megan Deppe, The Paw Print, Plainfield South High School, Plainfield, IL - 2/28/13

ABC: Easy as R-E-S-P-E-C-T
We want to be treated like adults, but some aren't willing to give the same respect back toward teachers. Nothing upsets me more than students disrespecting the very people that want to see them succeed.

By Gigi DeWeese, FHS Press, Freedom Area High School, Freedom, PA - 2/26/13

'L.A. Youth' Will Print Final Edition in February
While we celebrate our 25th anniversary this month we are regrettably closing the doors on this extraordinary organization at the end of February. This is our last edition of L.A._Youth.

By Donna C. Myrow, LA Youth, , Los Angeles, CA - 1/31/13

Fast Food Has Stolen the Health of America's Kids
If companies would stop targeting children and aim towards an older audience, then children would be less exposed to these junky foods and be more healthy.

By Brian Walker, Stagg Line, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Stockton, CA - 1/30/13

Are Practice PSAT and PLAN Tests Worth the Time?
While practice tests are useful, I would advise combining other types of preparation such as practice question booklets or brushing up on your math skills.

By Jacqueline Schaefer , Hi-Lights, Plymouth High School, Plymouth, WI - 1/30/13

Cell Phone Policy Not Important to Students and Faculty
Cell phones are and have been a part of our world outside of school for years now. Bringing them into our school classrooms could prove to be a distraction or they could be a tool to enhance our education.

By Paige Kent, Hi-Lights, Plymouth High School, Plymouth, WI - 1/30/13

School Safety: Should Teachers Pack Heat?
As a school, we planned and executed an active-shooter drill on Jan. 17. Students were reminded of their third-period classroom 'safe zones' and were given instructions on how they should react. Some people, however, are advocating a stronger measure: arming teachers.

By Emilie Callahan and Chasity Kramer, The Brighton BARB, Brighton High School, Salt Lake City, UT - 1/28/13

Obama Administration Sets Immigration Deportation Record
Under the Obama administration last year was a record setting high for deportation numbers. The record was set at 409,849 deported immigrants, the majority of whom were convicted criminals.

By Kevin Davalos, The Knight Times, John I. Leonard High School, Lake Worth, FL - 1/25/13

After Pilot Year, iPad Program to Continue
The iPad Program for Upper School began this school year. Providence Academy gave students in all four grades the option to use an approved Apple device for note-taking, studying, and communication.

By Lila Anderson, The PAW, Providence Academy, Plymouth, MN - 1/24/13

Parents Cross Sportsmanship Line
Athletes know about sportsmanship. The coaches have taught their players about it since the moment they stepped on the field. However, parents often have to re-learn what it means to be a good spectator as they often attack coaches, players, and officials when things aren't going their team's way.

By Taylor Ruby, Panther Pride, Dakota Valley High School, North Sioux City, SD - 1/23/13

Gun Violence Has to Stop
Shootings feel so common to me that they don't scare or surprise me anymore. The fact that I expect one or two shootings a year is scary and that bothers me a lot.

By Susie Park, LA Youh, Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA - 1/18/13

E-Readers Have Pros and Cons; Paper Books Are Missed
E-books save paper and would be a good idea for school text books so students don't have to lug their reading materials back and forth to class each day, but I can't imagine having children grow up being read to from E-books.

By April Olinger , The Perspective, Plymouth High School, Canton, MI - 1/17/13

Giving Up on Low Income Professions
As a result of the economic crisis of 2008, many respectable career choices have taken a back seat in the minds of high school students. More and more seniors are looking to go into careers where the money would be guaranteed and an unstable economy won't damage their income and respectively, their lifestyle.

By Ahmed Abo-Donia, The Survey, Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn, NY - 1/17/13

What Class Rank Means - An Investigative Report
In certain cases class rank remains a useful tool for college admissions. Another argument in favor of class rank is the idea that having such a system motivates students to work harder.

By East Side Staff , East Side Newspaper, Williamsville East High School, East Amherst, NY - 1/15/13

Top 10 Innovations Leading to a High-Tech 2013
When it comes to transferring data, the most common tool used is a USB flash drives, but with the advent of cloud storage USB flash drives may become obsolete.

By Matt Blumhardt, The Lance, Linganore High School, Fredrick, MD - 1/9/13

Top 10 People We Don't Want to See in 2013
Will Bieber Fever ever come to an end? This 18 year old sensation doesn't even need an introduction.

By Marissa de La Viez, The Lance, Linganore High School, Fredrick, MD - 1/8/13

Students' Online Rights: Cyberspace's Uncharted Territory
Between Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging, students have at their fingertips a host of new ways to express themselves and to voice their grievances. However, the success of these different media serves to call into question the issue of what rights students have online.

By Steve Helmeci, Pearl Youth News, , Plum Borough, PA - 1/7/13

Gun Violence Must Stop
I have more questions than answers about what solutions are best, but we canOt wait until another Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happens before we take action.

By Remi Moon , YC Teen, , New York, NY - 12/21/12

Cheater to Tutor: I Wasn't Helping My Friends
I was reluctant to help my friend during an algebra test because I didn't want to get in trouble, but I felt pressured. I thought that she would blame me for her bad grade if I didn't help.

By Anonymous , YC Teen, , New York, NY - 12/21/12

Suicide. A Word That Should Not Be Used Lightly
I once knew a girl who had friends and a loving mother, yet something didn't feel right. She didn't think anyone would understand the daily struggles she went through. Life just didn't seem worth living so she took drastic measures. She overdosed.

By Megan Neely, The Flash, Fraser High School, Fraser, MI - 10/24/12

Middle East Protests Have Gone Too Far
Many Muslims, though they were offended, did not go out and burn houses, cars, religious places or even threaten to behead the director of the film. Instead, they moved on with their lives.

By Staff Editorial, A Blast, Annandale High School, Annandale, VA - 10/9/12

Straight Girl Stands Up for Gays
I see more people who are interested in members of the same sex, including a few of my mom's friends. These friends are some of the nicest people I've ever known, so it is clear to me that there is nothing 'bad' about being gay.

By Kelly Col?n, YC Teen, , New York, NY - 10/6/12

Moving Past Abuse
Abuse teaches people to be paranoid, to repress and dissociate, and to sabotage positive experiences because we are afraid of them going wrong. It changes how we respond to people because we generalize our knowledge of the abuser to all people.

By BLM, Represent, , New York, NY - 10/6/12

News Anchor Uses Viewer's Email as Lesson on Bullying
A Wisconsin news anchor has been making national news lately after responding to an E-mail that attacked her physical appearance and questioned her lifestyle choices.

By Kaitlin Kumbalek, The Tritonian, Notre Dame De La Baie Academy, Green Bay, WI - 10/5/12

Why Early Release/Late Arrival Impedes Education
As an incentive for seniors with a PSSA score of at least proficient, late arrival and early release are available. This means students can opt out of having a first period and/or eighth period in their schedule. Basically class instruction time out of a seven hour school day is cut down by nearly an hour.

By Carly Loper, The Knight Crier, North Penn High School, Lansdale, PA - 9/19/12

Do I Belong Here?
The discrimination I've faced has made me wonder if I'm welcome in America. I do belong in the United States. An American is a person who overcomes struggles to become successful and that is what I'm doing.

By Miguel Molina, LA Youh, Film & Theatre Arts Charter High School, Los Angeles, CA - 9/14/12

Bullying Rebuked in 'Locker 527'
This book will help you to understand just how bad bullying really is. Reading the thoughts of a happy young girl that begin to change into the dark suicidal thoughts of a girl who is told every day that she is ugly and unimportant really brings out what can come from bullying to life.

By Alexis Stanley, Cougar Chronicle, Union High School, Roosevelt, UT - 9/12/12

Samsung's Imitation Isn't Flattery to Apple
When Samsung revealed the design of its latest model, with its rounded corners and home button located at the center of the bottom of the phone, it could be easily thought that the designers of this new phone had ripped off the looks from Apple's iconic iPhone design.

By Amber Burks, The Summit, Benjamin E. Mays High School, Atlanta, GA - 9/6/12

Is Obama Taking Our Fries?
Whether she knows it or not, Michelle Obama has made many food decisions that affect students in the U.S.A.

By Bill Macke, The Purple Quill - Online, Elder High School, Cincinnati, OH - 9/6/12

Citizen 'Journalists' Need to Consider Fundamental Questions
Citizen 'journalists' have not been trained in the basics of media ethics or media law, and they don't have a lot of guidelines that keep them under control.

By Chris Pfeiffer, ECHO, Trinity High School, Louisville, KY - 5/16/12

Solution to Bullying Must be Drawn Up by Students
With the recent shooting at Chardon High School, where does the blame lie and how do we solve the growing epidemic?

By Seth Opoku-Yeboah, Manassas Patch, Osbourn Park High School, Manassas, VA - 3/7/12

Teens And Tattoos: 'Think Before You Ink!'
Though the act of expressing oneself may seem harmless, how will these pieces of permanent body art affect teens in the future? Especially with job and college applications in the mix, most teens want to make a good first impression.

By Brianna Tomlinson, HuffPost High School, Kenwood Academy High School, , IL - 2/27/12

SOPA Throws Internet Users into a Rampage
SOPA and PIPA enrage the users of the internet as many of the most resourceful websites are getting being shut down, blocked, or has had their content removed.

By Aubrey Shirley, Mountain Lion Messenger, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, NV - 2/22/12

Affirmative Action: An Exhausted Attempt to Reform
While the usefulness of Affirmative Action can be argued, I believe Affirmative Action has lived past its prime. It may have been understandable into the early 80s, but since then the U.S. has progressed considerably in its acceptance of other races and ethnicities.

By Lauren Branigan, Mindscapes, Goshen Central High School, Goshen, NY - 2/13/12

The Recession Hits Home
I wish my mom didn't have to go through that financial struggle (of the recession), but I'm glad I've learned from it. Save money for emergencies. Make sure I don't go into debt. This is the perfect time to realize that before I'm living on my own.

By Jennifer Gonzales-Romero, LA Youh, University of La Verne, Los Angeles, CA - 2/9/12

New Bill Stirs Up Bullying Controversy in Tennessee
A Tennessee bill seeks to ensure that First Amendment rights are not curtailed by the accusation of bullying. Critics, who call the bill 'Right-to-Bully', argue that it will allow those who have beliefs, attitudes or convictions about minority groups, particularly sexual minority groups, the ability to bully and get away with it.

By Reagan Williams, The Hawkeye, Hardin Valley Academy, Knoxville, TN - 2/8/12

Another Approach to Educating Immigrants
Student says newcomers school helped with adjustment, but cartoons helped with English. 'I started improving myself by reading more books and watching cartoons, stuff like that,' he said.

By Libby Bowling, Hannah Zimet, and Sierra Buntin, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 1/31/12

American Students Not Proficient in Math?
The five countries with the highest test scores average around 210 days of school a year, while the U.S. schools average around 180. In Japan there are at least two teachers in every classoom, a math teacher says.

By Sydney Hodge, Wildcat Times, Mayfield High School, Cleveland, OH - 1/20/12

Accident Raises Questions Over Driver Qualifications
With all the car accidents involving pedestrians and school buses happening around the valley, every driver should exercise caution.

By Aubrey Shirley, Mountain Lion Messenger, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, NV - 1/19/12

The Civil Rights Tug-of-War
It seems to be reminiscent of past decades, when African Americans were oppressed simply because of the color of their skin. It is interesting how our country claims to be 'One Nation under God,' yet our religious institutions are leading the masses to hate anyone who does not follow their way of living.

By Bridgette Gamble, The Knight Times Online , John I. Leonard High School, Lake Worth, FL - 1/12/12

Charter Schools vs. Public Schools
Charter schools are becoming a national epidemic. It seems that although charter schools aren't measuring up to standards, more and more are opening around the country ... including in Florida.

By Iqra Ahmed, The Harbinger, Miami Lakes Educational Center, Miami Lakes, FL - 1/12/12

Prosperity at Risk: Student Debt on the Rise
This article discusses the dangers of overlooking today's student debt crisis and what that could mean for America's future and the economy.

By Alex Anderson, The Catalyst, Temple High School, Temple, TX - 1/12/12

Insomnia Affects Students, Workers
I see students in (my office) daily who say, 'I didn't sleep last night, I haven't slept in days.'

By Amanda Slowikowski, Nighthawk News, First Flight High School, Manteo, NC - 1/11/12

For Two Girls, Charter School Was the Right Choice
One student sympathizes with public-school administrators, saying they need to focus on discipline before experimenting with other reforms, such as a year-round calendars and uniforms.

By Hrishikesh Deshpande, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 1/7/12

How I Became an Illegal Immigrant
Hiring a coyote is the surest way to successfully get to America, but it still has risks. In addition to the stories weOd heard about what some of them do to girls and women, we'd also heard that sometimes coyotes leave immigrants to get arrested by border policeNor even worse, they lose people as they cross the border through the desert, and those people die from dehydration or heatstroke.

By Anonymous , YC Teen, , New York, NY - 1/3/12

Michigan Adopts Anti-Bullying Law
The new law requires Michigan schools to develop anti-bullying policies and procedures to address complaints within the next six months.

By Shannon Shaver, P-CEP Perspective, Plymouth High School, Canton, MI - 12/23/11

Does Social Networking Carry a Health Risk?
People don't know that each time they log on they may be at risk of having ADHD, depression, narcissistic tendencies, and antisocial behaviors.

By Mariah Brockelbank, The Tiger Transcript, Ipswich High School, Ipswich, MA - 12/19/11

Loss of Loans Could Threaten College-bound Students
Taking out student loans for college could be beneficial to some students. However, the loans can also bury students in debt after graduation.

By Sabrina Ferrero, The Chronicle @ Kettle Run, Kettle Run High School, Nokesville, VA - 12/16/11

Gay-Straight-Alliance Plans Anti-Bullying Video
The club hopes that their video will help inform students of the effects bullying causes, and, therefore, reduce the amount of gay-based bullying.

By Amber McBee, The Jet, D.C. Everest High School, Schofield, WI - 12/14/11

Teen Sex is Rampant, and So Are Diseases
According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of the 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are among youth ages 15 to 24.

By Jake Thornburgh and Sigal Tavel, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 12/10/11

Pediatricians Recommend That Teens Ages 16-18 Undergo Regular HIV Testing
In the past, HIV testing was only recommended to teens who are sexually active. When HIV is caught at a young age, it is easier to control the virus and keep it at bay so that it does not spread throughout the body.

By Mariah Dunbar, The SAGA, Pleasant Valley High School, Chico, CA - 12/8/11

Looking for College Money? Look Within
While many incoming students combat their looming debt burdens by means of scholarships and work-study programs, sometimes they are not enough.

By Shaina Pan and Naomi Farahan, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 12/6/11

Why I'll Never Be an Abuser
I come from a community with a lot of domestic violence. Seeing all this violence makes some kids think that it is normal in relationships, but I don't think things should be that way.

By Steven Hernandez , Represent, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 12/5/11

'Smut Pages' Create Survivors
If people would think about the effects of what they write before they post, maybe things would not get so reckless and out of hand. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but you still have to be responsible and compassionate toward others.

By Destiny Smith, YCteen, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 12/5/11

Unique Anti-Bullying Campaign Spreads Awareness
Courage is epitomized in a new anti-bullying project 'She Will Be Loved.' Videos and other forms of art tell those being bullied that they are loved and someone cares about them.

By Mary Leet, The Whitman Word, Marcus Whitman High School, Rushville, NY - 12/5/11

Class Rank: Is It Really Necessary?
Colleges pay little attention to class rank. When it comes to scholarships and admissions, colleges mainly look at what percent of the class you fall in.

By Matisse Woodruff, The Colonel, Roosevelt High School, Kent, OH - 12/5/11

Concussions: An Athlete's Worst Nightmare
Too many athletes have been returning to their sport too soon, and some parents, coaches and athletes alike may not realize how damaging that choice can be to their future.

By Cassie Bohn, The Tritonian, Notre Dame De La Baie Academy, Green Bay, WI - 12/3/11

Students Try to Make School's Heating More Energy Efficient
Four students in this year's Design-and-Build class hope to reduce the school's carbon footprint through improved insulation and other measures.

By Isaac Supernovich, The Tigers' Print, Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury, VT - 12/1/11

Some Gifted Students in Latin America Expelled from Schools
There are millions of exceptionally talented students in Latin America who are driven out of public schools that don't have gifted-student programs.

By Shelsy Aragon, The Harbinger, Miami Lakes Educational Center, Miami Lakes, FL - 11/27/11

Your Parents ARE Crazy
My mom is driving me crazy. And why is my dad so insane?' If thoughts like these have ever crossed your mind, read on.

By YCteen Staff, YCteen, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 11/24/11

Grandparents Are the New Parents
With parents at work almost all day every day, grandparents are sometimes even more involved with kids than their parents are.

By Evelyn Wargo, Wildcat Times, Mayfield High School, Cleveland, OH - 11/24/11

Changing Hearts and Minds, One Person at a Time
Bullying happens because people aren't educated, they think gay people or lesbians choose to be the way they are. Little do they know, they were born that way.

By Michelle Aelion, The Mourning Splash, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School, North Miami, FL - 11/21/11

False Fire Alarms Desensitize Students and Teachers
It is the norm for the students and faculty to ignore the sounds of a fire alarm because the majority of fire alarms are false.

By Kyle Labaro, The Comet, Westchester Senior High School, Los Angeles, CA - 11/20/11

Is Recycling a Hoax?
Recycling benefits the environment by keeping dangerous materials out of landfills and thus, out of the environment. In addition, it takes less energy to recycle a can of aluminum than to get a new one from raw materials.

By Anna Jamison, The Achaean Times, Herron High School, Indianapolis, IN - 11/20/11

I'm Both Arab and American
Right after the attack on the Twin Towers, my school decided to allow students to express their feelings and views about the tragedy. Little did anyone know that the quiet student who was sitting by herself in the corner of the room happened to be an Arab and was listening to all of their insults, hatred and anger.

By Rana Sino, Represent, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 11/20/11

Business Owners Looking for Trained Workers
Business owners are in need of new, trained workers. The problem is: there arenOt any. In order to get more skilled workers, several different business leaders came to Western to meet with a few select students.

By Torry Yu, What Up Western?, Walled Lake Western High School, Walled Lake, MI - 11/18/11

Communities Come Together to Help the Environment
Tips for some students to recycle more are to reduce using waste, recycle all recyclables, and encourage others on how important it is to recycle.

By Ocianna Gregg, The Chronicle @ Kettle Run, Kettle Run High School, Nokesville, VA - 11/18/11

Hesitation Toward Flu Shots Is Growing
There is hype that flu shots are actually bad for teenagers, but no study has proven this yet. Students have multiple opinions about the flu shots, and whether or not they are completely effective.

By Lydia Dodge, The Chronicle @ Kettle Run, Kettle Run High School, Nokesville, VA - 11/18/11

Early Decision vs. Early Action Explained
The process of applying to colleges can be especially confusing because most people probably are not sure exactly what the differences are between Early Decision and Early Action.

By Sarah Pass, VOX, The Voice of Atlanta Teens, , Atlanta, GA - 11/16/11

Technology Taking Over Teens' Lives
Kids ages 8 to 18 spend on average at least seven hours a day on their cellphones, computers and playing video games. The mere thought of having no phone, computer or video game system is frightening for some teens.

By Christian Collins, VOX, The Voice of Atlanta Teens, , Atlanta, GA - 11/16/11

Youth OK with Rewarding Great Teachers
When it comes to monetarily rewarding teachers for increased student performance, political pundits and education officials are divided on both its effectiveness and its applicability to the traditional tenure-based world of education.

By Fiona Kelly and Pete Shirley, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 11/15/11

Teen Drinking: Rite of Passage or Dangerous Problem?
Teen drinking is a reality; it is a 'rite of passage' that all teens face at some point. Teen drinking is not some sort of overly crazy or wild behavior; it is just teens experimenting to try and socialize with alcohol like adults do.

By Lindsey Janoskie, Mainstream, Paint Branch High School, Burtonsville, MD - 11/15/11

Liar, Liar. Is Keeping Things from Parents the Right Thing to Do?
A newspaper columnist once said, 'The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.' Is that so? Well, then it seems that today's teens sport the hottest pants on fire.

By Haregnesh Haile, Mainstream, Paint Branch High School, Burtonsville, MD - 11/14/11

Boys Wrestle with Body Issues, Too
While acknowledging that girls are typically more affected by body issues than boys, mainly because of the emphasis on unrealistically thin figures, a Boston researcher and author said males are vulnerable, too.

By Shayan Ahmad and Zach Manges, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 11/12/11

Teachers Experience the Bullyside Project
For some teachers, bullying is a relatable subject for them. An English teacher told the story of how in the second grade an older girl would always 'pound' on him on his way home from school.

By Meghan Newkirk and Kane Broadus, Reflector News, Jackson High School, Jackson, MI - 11/8/11

Society Says No Seatbelts on Buses Presents Grave Oversite
Reports of emergency room visits found more than 17,000 injuries to children from school bus accidents, and on average, six young riders lose their lives each year, according to Parade Magazine.

By Heather Clopton, Viking Vision, Northern Vance High School, Henderson, NC - 11/7/11

Balancing Act: Teens with Jobs Learn Lessons in Time Management
Many high school students are getting part time jobs at various places during the school year. They are willing to balance their academics and extracurricular activities with jobs in order to earn their own money to spend.

By Alexia Puente , The Eagle Eye, Mission High School, Mission, TX - 11/7/11

Law Unfairly Singles Out Gay Historical Figures
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law requiring California history teachers to add information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans to their lesson plans, as well as that of disabled people and members of different cultural groups.

By Adrianna Owens, Stagg Line, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Stockton, CA - 11/2/11

Sexting and Cyberbullying Against the Law in Many States
What happens if you transmit a nude photo on the Internet or receive a text message or E-mail with sexually suggestive text? This article reports some consequences for sexting and cyberbullying.

By Stanley Stewart, VOX, The Voice of Atlanta Teens, , Atlanta, GA - 11/1/11

School Now Allows Students to Wear Controversial Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets
It is now O.K. to wear the 'I Love Boobies' bracelets on campus. Earlier this year, La Joya and district officials came to a decision to allow students to wear the popular bracelets, which raise funds for breast cancer research.

By Geovanna Diaz, Eye of the Lobo, La Joya Community High School, Avondale, AZ - 10/31/11

I Should Have Kept My Hands on the Wheel
As I was replying to that text, I pushed on the gas, assuming that no one was there since I had checked a few seconds before. Still looking at my phone, I drove through the intersection and boom! I hit a red Mustang.

By Yuri Kim, LA Youth, Beverly Hills High School, Los Angeles, CA - 10/31/11

How Can Schools Be More Accepting of Gay Students?
The LA Youth teen writers say schools, teachers and students all need to do their part. Read what the students they interviewed have to say.

By LA Youth Staff , LA Youth, , Los Angeles, CA - 10/31/11

Battling Bullying
Here in todayOs society, we have many forms of bullying, new and old. ThereOs the traditional rumor-spreading and verbal bullying. We have social alienation, which focuses on excluding someone from the group on purpose. Intimidation can involve bribing and threatening. Then thereOs the most common now-a-days; cyber-bullying and gender role and sexual orientation criticizing.

By Kelsey David, The Pinion, McKinley High School, Honolulu, HI - 10/31/11

Student's Criteria for College is More Important than College's Criteria for Students
While students need to be aware of achieving high test scores and increasing their GPA, they should also develop standards of their own to know if they are choosing the right school for themselves.

By Emily Thorp, HuffPost High School, Fort Myers High School, Fort Myers, FL - 10/27/11

School-Wide Proficiencies Unfair
SPED and ELL students should be exempted from state wide proficiency tests.

By Aubrey Shirley, Mountain Lion Messenger, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, NV - 10/26/11

Finding Jobs in a Jobless Recovery: Recession Hits Teens, Too
High school students are becoming increasingly aware that our nation's economic problems will affect them significantly in the next few years.

By Devon Artis-White, The Tigers' Print, Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury, VT - 10/26/11

Marijunana: Wasting Government Time and Money
The government spent more than $15 billion on the war on drugs in 2010. If criminal sanctions for possession or use of small amounts of the drug were lifted, the amount of money government could save would be huge.

By Lexy Doria, The Tigers' Print, Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury, VT - 10/26/11

Freeing the Wrongfully Convicted
The Innocence Project works toward judicial reform and is part of a larger system called the Innocence Network, which consists of law schools, journalism schools, and public defender offices around the country.

By Amy Pino, The Print, Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa, CA - 10/24/11

Teens Fighting High Unemployment Rates
Whether for gas money or saving for college, the need for employment usually grows a teenager gets older. But in the past few years, when the time comes for teens to go searching for a job, very few strike luck and get hired. (See Teen Articles in the Professional Media (Hot Story Ideas) for a related story).

By Rachel Morales, The Tiger's Roar, Timothy Christian School, Piscataway, NJ - 10/14/11

New Texting-While-Driving Law Takes Effect in Maine
Maine recently became the 33rd state to pass a law outlawing texting and E-mailing on electronic devices. Now, an officer can pull a driver over for texting on a cell phone and fines will start at $100.

By Olivia Baker, The Eddies Echo, Edward Little High School, Auburn, ME - 10/13/11

Students Take Advantage of College Board's Lenient Policies
Many students, desperate for high scores and unwilling to study or unable to perform well on the test, have found another way to get the scores that they need: cheating.

By Justine Moore, Newspacer, Lakeridge High School, Lake Oswego, OR - 10/11/11

Conquering the College Admissions Essay
The college admissions essay is one of the most cliched assignments I've ever had to complete in all my years of schooling, and yet it still gives me trouble.

By Daniel Komanoff, HuffPost High School, NYC Lab High School, New York, NY - 10/7/11

Every Child Left Behind
It's frustrating and damaging to see our system of evaluation cut off both the creativity of our teachers and the ambitions of our students. But if standardized testing is to be removed from the picture, alternative evaluation techniques will be needed.

By Jess Coleman, HuffPost High School, NYC Lab High School, New York, NY - 10/5/11

Emancipation for the Modern Age
There are 27 million working slaves around the globe today. They're people forced to work with little or no pay, harvesting the raw materials that go into products sold in America.

By Meg Cales, Ro-Hi-Ti, Ross High School, Hamilton, OH - 10/5/11

Dating Violence: If You View It, Voice It
If you view it, voice it. That's the motto that the entire month is based upon. Dating violence is a serious matter, and it can be deadly.

By Michael Bellinson , The Colonel, Roosevelt High School, Kent, OH - 9/30/11

The Abuse of Social Media
Our generation has to take the lead and use social media the way it was intended: connecting with friends and family across the globe, not terrorizing innocent people.

By Taylor Moody, The Paw's Print, Corbin High School, Corbin, KY - 9/26/11

California's Ban on Violent Video Games: Invasion of Freedom?
The law banning violent video games because of their content is similar to banning cursing because a child might hear it. It is the parents' duty to teach their children right from wrong.

By James Stawecki, The Talon, Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, West Chester, PA - 9/26/11

New Anti-Bullying Law Takes Effect
A new anti-bullying law signed in January by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was implemented in all schools in New Jersey on Sept. 1. Due to the new law, the entire school staff received mandatory training on bullying and suicide prevention before the school year began.

By Richard Galvez, The Student Voice, University Academy Charter High School, Jersey City, NJ - 9/20/11

Divorce: A Teen's Perspctive
Most of children of divorced parents at one time believe that the divorce is due in part because of them. What they do not understand is that their parents are not mad at them, but at each other.

By Anonymous , Warrior Times Weekly, Lakeside Lutheran High School, Lake Mills, WI - 9/20/11

Divorce Gives Birth to New Families
For some kids, one bonus of having divorced parents is that they now have two Christmases, with twice as many gifts. But the disadvantages far outnumber the benefits, they say.

By Anthony Greene, Brianna Starks and Alex Sweazey, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 9/13/11

Schools Getting Wise to Smartphone Uses
Most of the time, cellphones in school are, at best, a distraction for students. At worst, they are a way to cheat on quizzes or exams. However, some schools have found that cellphones can actually help the learning process.

By Arpeet Patel, Kara Williams and Ashley King, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 9/9/11

Budget Cuts Have Far-Reaching Effects
The ailing economy isn't just affecting the federal government. In fact, recent cuts are being felt by school administrators as the new school year begins.

By Michael Emerson, The Marionette, Harding Charter Preparatory High School, Oklahoma City, OK - 9/7/11

Bullying: A Pandemic That Cannot Be Quarantined
According to, one out of every four students will be bullied at some point in their adolescence. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of students are involved in bullying, whether that is as the victim, bully, or both, according to, and the numbers for cyber bullying are approaching similar rates.

By Whitnie Williams, The Hawkeye, Hardin Valley Academy, Knoxville, TN - 9/6/11

Filmmaker Tells Negative Side of 'Fracking' Shale for Gas
Gasland is a documentary film about people who say they've experienced the negative side of hydraulic fracturing, a process of removing natural gas or oil from underground rock by drilling into the earth.

By Edward Francois , YC Teen, Youth Communication, New York, NY - 9/4/11

Are Flash Mobs Turning Into a Crime?
What one typically thinks of Flash Mob as a fun, harmless event, but they are becoming more notorious and not so carefree. Kids throughout the world are using these moments to commit crimes.

By Jade Fields, The Roar, Millennium High School, Goodyear, AZ - 8/31/11

Brain Injuries - The Discreet Captor
WINNER - SOCIAL ISSUES - Novak awakes each morning, and after she styles her hair just right she swallows a single pill to control her attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder. It is a daily reminder of her past trauma, a devastating brain injury during a cheerleader practice session last year.

By Corina Gallardo, The Chronicle, Diversity in Journalism Workshop for Arizona High School Students, Tucson, AZ - 6/17/11

Few Athletes Spared Concussions
Concussions aren't limited to football players. They happen in all sorts of sports including soccer, cheerleading, and even figure skating.

By David Schiele and Quinn Andrews, Y-Press, , Indianapolis, IN - 7/12/11

Hookah Proves to be a Growing Trend Among Teenagers
While it is a known fact that teens across America experiment with cigarettes and marijuana, there seems to be a new choice of smoking pleasure that is gaining popularity. Hookah has become the 'easy and cool way' to have a fun Friday night.

By Molly Hopkins, Bear Facts, Bergenfield High School, Bergenfield, NJ - 6/16/11

U.S. Should Support Education More Than War
The United States does not spend enough money on education and invests more of its budget on the country's defense. According to, 24 percent of the U.S. budget is spent on defense, while only 3 percent is spent on education.

By Diana Diaz, The Student Voice, University Academy Charter High School, Jersey City, NJ - 6/13/11

Pressure to Drink is Enormous
In today's society, the pressure to live under the influence seems to over-ride any other pressures we, as teens, face.

By Ashleigh Corriveau, The Flash, Fraser High School, Fraser, MI - 6/8/11

Girls or Boys: Who are the Bullies?
While girls and boys can both experience bulling, the tactics used by each are often different.

By D. Probst, Golden Times, Solanco High School, Quarryville, PA - 6/6/11

Teen Jobs and Internships: Filling the Summer with More than Sun
Whether participating in a summer job or a summer internship, using the summer months for work can provide great experience, that will not only look good on a resume, but will be helpful in future jobs or careers.

By Emily Mulvihill, Cougar News, Mount Mansfield Union High School, Jericho, VT - 6/6/11

Could You Be Carrying a Radioactive Device?
Although the cell phone is a pivotal invention that has changed communication in the world, the usage comes with a toll on health. In a recent study, the damages that radiation has on the brain and body are clearly spelled out.

By Juliana Heffern, Lion's Tale, New Hope-Solebury High School, New Hope, PA - 6/2/11

Student Apathy Leads to Low Academic Success
Students who don't care about their education believe that test scores don't matter to them.

By Aubrey Shirley, The Mountain Lion Messenger, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, NV - 5/30/11

Using Money as an Incentive for Better Grades is Wrong
Tangible rewards may motivate students to work harder, however, the rewarding of money to students has an undesirable side affect. Learning and doing well in school should be an intrinsic motivation. When money comes into play, the external reward will slowly reduce the internal motivation.

By Kedamawit Tilahun, Athens Oracle, Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, NC - 5/25/11

A Wandering Media: The Short Attention Span of Our Society
Long-term coverage of disaster recovery just does not get the attention, or ratings, of the initial event. Is there something wrong with the news media, or does news coverage simply reflect the short attention span of its audience?

By Lillie Hodges, The Fourth Estate, Laguna Blanca School, Santa Barbara, CA - 5/23/11

New Bill Aims to Reduce Waste While Raising State Funds
If only 10 percent of Americans bought products with less plastic packaging 10 percent of the time, approximately 144 million pounds of plastic could be eliminated from our landfills. Over 1.5 million barrels of oil were consumed to make plastic bottles consumed in the United States last year not including the petroleum used to transport them.

By Mari Quiroz, Eastside Times, Eastside Memorial High School, Austin, TX - 5/19/11

Money a Determining Factor in How Students Eat Lunch
With the nation's economy recovering, the growing cost of lunch is starting to be a concern for many families.

By Eric King, Wildcat Times, Mayfield High School, Cleveland, OH - 5/16/11

Thick Skin May Be the Solution to Nationwide Bullying Problems
I've learned to not care what people think based on the amount of times I've stood up for myself. I've concluded that everything will blow over eventually, and laughing at yourself is honestly the best way to handle embarrassment.

By Lexi Eisaman, The Panther, Franklin Regional Senior High School, Murrysville, PA - 5/13/11

Nearly Half of Students Surveyed Have Jobs
Although the current amounts of jobs seem low, there are those who think that there are lots of jobs available.

By Erik Salamanca and Alberto Salgado, Monthly Mortonian, Morton East High School, Cicero, IL - 5/1/11

Peanuts: Life Endangering?
Some parents see banning peanuts from schools as an overreaction for a small minority of the school population, while other parents scream loudly that their children could die if another child eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich anywhere near them.

By Anna Smith-Nichols, The Talon, Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, West Chester, PA - 5/9/11

Concussions Creating Chaos for Athletes
While concussions are a serious problem in the pros, they also leave a big impact on high school athletes.

By Lyndsay Miron, The Pather, Franklin Regional Senior High School, Murrysville, PA - 4/26/11

Cutting a Danger to Teen Students, Counselors Needed
According to, it is estimated that one out of every 200 teen girls cuts themselves purposely between the ages of 13-19.

By Nicole Hernandez, The Premier Advocate, Premier Charter High School, Phoenix, AZ - 4/21/11

Harassment in the Workplace
A recent study done at the University of Southern Maine revealed that at least one in four teens are harassed at their part-time jobs.

By Bailey Wyatt, The Catalyst, Temple High School, Temple, TX - 4/20/11

Teen Drug Abuse Can Come Right From Home Medicine Cabinet
While parents are looking through their children's phones for evidence of drug deals, under bed's for bongs, bowls and baggies, or through the closet for clanging alcohol bottles, their kids are out with friends or attending school high on pills from the family medicine cabinet.

By Matt Ostovitz, The Comet, Catonsville High School, Catonsville, MD - 4/15/11

Class Project Promotes Recycling
Three McKinley High School seniors decided to distribute recycling bins throughout campus to increase recycling awareness.

By Stacia Mahi, The Pinion, McKinley High School, Honolulu, HI - 4/8/11

Sexual Harassment Can Happen Anywhere
Sexual harassment is a major issue in today's society that many people, men and women, have to deal with.

By Caele Pemberton, The Marionette, Harding Charter Preparatory High School, Oklahoma City, OK - 4/5/11

Cigarettes Still Lure Teens
Although everyone is aware of the dangers, teenagers still smoke. The legal age to purchase cigarettes is 18, but many students know how easily teenagers under 18 can purchase cigarettes.

By Courtney Mullen, The Tritonian, Notre Dame De La Baie Academy, Green Bay, WI - 4/1/11

Bullying Law in the Works for Arizona Schools
Arizona House Bill 2415 would make requirements stricter in dealing with bullying. Written forms would be mandatory so students, parents and faculty members can report acts of bullying.

By Jennifer Le, Rocket Reporter, Moon Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ - 3/24/11

Workload, Missed Classes Sometimes Push Students to Cheat
Every day, students make the decision to cheat for many different reasons - because they didn't study, because they need to keep up or because they never fully understood the work in the first place.

By Brandon Bond, The Summit, Benjamin E. Mays High School, Atlanta, GA - 3/15/11

Tobacco Use Up, Despite Dangers
Gums falling away from teeth and white and red sores growing in people's mouth are two things teenage girls don't find attractive. Yet teenage guys are still getting hooked on chewing tobacco.

By Tyler Bushnell, Seaman Clipper, Seaman High School, Topeka, KS - 3/14/11

Legal Action Possible with Cyber-Bullying
If it continues multiple times, or [someone] keeps making general threats or slander, [they] can be arrested for cyber-bullying.

By Caroline Schneider, The Northwood Omniscient, Northwood High School, Pittsboro, NC - 3/11/11

Unemployment Takes a Toll on Students
Many families have been forced to tighten their budgets due to unemployment. We had to be careful with how we spent our money and we couldn't always do the things we wanted.

By Anoush Djrbashian, Clark Chronicle, Clark Magnet High School, La Crescenta, CA - 3/10/11

The Consequences of Texting and Driving
These days, alcohol is not needed to crash and cause horrible tragedies. An estimated 1.6 million teens drive while reading or writing text messages. This distraction can cause major injuries or even death while driving.

By Aaron Valles, The Pathways Echo, Pathways Middle College High School, Oklahoma City, OK - 3/7/11

Intent of 'Sexting' Lost in Transmission Among Teens
An estimated 11 percent of 13-16 year old girls have sent racy photos of themselves. And according to an MSNBC article, 14 percent of semi-nude or nude photos have been shared or forwarded with more than just the person intended.

By Lissette Rodriguez, Stagg Line, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Stockton, CA - 3/1/11

Many Teens Unaware of Life-Changing Risks
Through their high school years, many teens engage in romantic relationships, but many are unaware of the possible consequences and appropriate boundaries. Some of these teens are aware of the physical dangers for which they put themselves at risk, but not all comprehend the lasting emotional and social damage which is possible.

By Dakota Moran, Arapahoe Herald, Arapahoe High School, Centennial, CO - 2/22/11

Newly Passed Nutrition Law Initiates Changes in School Cafeterias
Recently, President Obama signed the 'Child Nutrition Act' into law. This law was influenced by First Lady Michelle Obama's national campaign against childhood obesity along with chef and nutritionist Jamie Oliver's food revolution. This act creates new standards for food items sold in school cafeterias.

By Mindy Szkaradnik, The Windy Hill, Methacton Senior High School, Eagleville, PA - 2/11/11

Islamophobia: America In Fear
At first, the enemy was clearly the jihadists who killed nearly 3,000 Americans. But as time progressed, our perceived foe shifted from a small number of Islamic 'extremists' to the Islamic faith as a whole.

By Deonta Wortham, Trailblazer, Carson High School, Carson, CA - 2/8/11

Jobs Force Students to Grow Up Fast
Whether going to work to help out with bills at home, or working to make a living on their own, the issue of teens being forced to grow up too soon is becoming a trend. Some of this research suggests that teenage employment can have detrimental effects, such as lower educational attainment.

By Brittany Hoegner, Rocket Reporter, Moon Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ - 2/2/11

Students Must Exercise Tolerance to Reduce Bullying and Related Suicides
When coming to school, students should have no reason to fear for their lives. There is a growing problem with bullying in schools and the epidemic has trickled down to elementary schools.

By Seth Opoku-Yeboah, Yellow Jacket, Osbourn Park High School, Manassas, VA - 1/30/11

iPads and Androids Replacing Pen and Paper?
In the past decade, a serious epidemic has taken over millions of people across the world. This never-ending sickness continues to grow, and will be around for as long as we live. The epidemic? People's obsession with technology, and using it as a new means of replacing communication.

By Kalli Wolf, The Roar, Millennium High School, Goodyear, AZ - 1/18/11